Our offer for manufacturers

Our offer for manufacturers

JV energy research park Lichtenegg - services
Small wind turbines are increasingly becoming the focus of small businesses and private households. To ensure the quality and approval of small wind turbines, the independent testing institute JV energy research park Lichtenegg offers various testing and measuring services for manufacturers and operators of such turbines.

Long-term evaluation
In the long-term evaluation, the yield of the small wind turbine is recorded over at least 1 year and the availability of the turbine is determined. Furthermore, the evaluation offers an opportunity to test the turbine under good wind conditions. If desired, turbine data can be published on the homepage.

Power curve measurement
During the power curve measurement, the electrical active power converted from the wind is measured as a function of the measured wind values and displayed in the form of a power curve.

Sound measurement
In sound measurement, the sound emissions are measured at a certain distance and presented in the form of a sound emission curve and a sound map.

Vibration measurement
Vibration measurement determines the vibration intensity at certain points on the mast or turbine and the rotational speed. Gathered data is furthermore processed with an order analysis. The results show critical speeds in a Campbell diagram at which resonances occur.

Wind tunnel measurement
In addition to the measurements in the energy research park, ARGE Lichtenegg also offers the possibility of investigations in a wind tunnel at the ENERGYbase Giefinggasse 6 site. The measuring range extends from 2 to 25 m/s with a size of 40x40 cm.

Public relations
The JV energy research park Lichtenegg offers public guided tours to give the interested public an insight into the topic of small wind power. Interested parties can get an on-site impression of the technology and operation of various small wind turbines as well as the measurement and testing services offered.


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